Status Update


The rumors of my abduction by the Mole Men have been greatly exaggerated.

I realize it’s been a while since my last update on this blog, so I thought I’d take some time to update you all on things that have been going on and the current status of my various projects.

First, my team and I had our very first panel appearance at a con at the first annual Wizard World Tulsa Comic Con! We had a great turn-out for a first-time group and had a lot of fun waxing philosophical about superhero fiction and talking about the writing and independent publishing process.

Many thanks to Brittany Walloch and all the great staff at Wizard World for working with us and helping to make the panel possible, as well as Nate and Lacey for helping run the panel.

As for the status of upcoming projects, those of you who have been following my Facebook page are probably aware by now that we are planning to release a print version of The Astonishing Bobcat: Hero Worship in the near future. This has proven to be a bit more involved than previously anticipated, as my wife/manager/ombudsman and I have had to start up our own LLC for tax reasons prior to publication.

While this isn’t as complicated as one might fear, it’s definitely time-consuming, especially with my new, more rigid daytime work schedule, so the process is going a bit slower than anticipated. We still plan to have the print edition out in time for Christmas, so for those who have been waiting on a physical copy before taking the plunge, keep checking back here and on my Facebook page for a firm release date.

The next Bobcat adventure is still in progress; my work on writing it has been slowed down over the past few months by adjustments to a new job schedule, preparation for Wizard World and some minor health issues.

Still, the new book is underway, and we plan to release it sometime next year, as well as a new Bobcat short story. Keep an eye on this blog and on the Facebook page for more details, which will be announced as they’re available.

Finally, with regards to Fashionably Late, I know that I teased that Silent Hill 2 would be my next review, but unfortunately, I won’t be reviewing that game next. The simple reason for this is that Silent Hill 2 is an emotionally demanding, stressful game (intentionally, and in a good way), and with everything that’s been going on in my life lately, I simply don’t have much energy to spare on the completion of such a game.

I am continuing to progress and have actually made it further in the game than any previous playthrough attempt yet (I’m about to enter the Otherworld Hospital, for those who are curious), and I will do a write up once I’ve finished it, but for now I’m going to focus on other titles.

I actually have another game lined up already, and it’s one that, thematically at least, is probably a more fitting follow-up to Shadows of the Damned than SH2 would have been, anyway. Keep an eye out for that review in the next week.

Thank you very much for your readership and support, and I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones. I’ll see you soon with another update!

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