Okcate’s Out and About: A City in Pictures… And a Big Announcement!

For many, Spring Break means relaxation, but for aquatics managers (like myself) it means kicking our certification season into high gear! Summer will be here waaayyy sooner than you think.

This past weekend, this week, and next weekend I was, am, and will be extremely busy teaching American Red Cross Lifeguard and Swim Instructor certifications at YWCA Tulsa (where I spend my usual weekday daytime hours managing the aquatics program at the Midtown location).

So, due to my current workload, I will not be putting a blog out this week. Instead, let me leave you with a few of the (recently photographed) sights of the city I’d like to share with you; this time, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

photo 3A late winter sunset over Downtown Tulsa. I captured this heavenly blaze on my way to a Blue Whale Comedy Festival meeting. A person could get used to that kinda view…

photo 5 (1)“Down the rabbit hole.”

My husband and I were recently spending a rare lazy Saturday strolling around the very much under construction (in the best way possible) Brady Arts District.

Renovations abound around these parts; I can’t wait to see what transformations will take place this year!

For something a little different, here we are at the corner of the BOK Center. It is a late winter day—warm sun, cool shadows. The Tulsa Oilers were playing and won that night!


And this is one of my favorite coffee shops in town. The Phoenix is nestled in the Tulsa Pearl District and has been too good to my husband and me as we work on our publishing endeavors.

photoSpeaking of endeavors…

I am happy to say that The Astonishing Bobcat: Hero Worship is finally formatted and will be sent to the distributor within the next week!

I will have to share that journey sometime… What a road it’s been—and still is! Thanks for all the support, folks; it means the world.

And thanks for taking this short but sweet tour of (just a little bit of) T-Town with me; there is much excitement and growth on the brilliant horizon these days. I’ll write again soon and get you back to your regular programming next week!

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