The Astonishing Bobcat Series


The Astonishing Bobcat: Hero Worship is the first novel in an original superhero murder mystery series. It follows costumed crime-fighter Bobcat as he tracks a super-powered serial killer in near-future Chicago.

His investigation leads to the heart of a conspiracy that threatens the freedom and safety of humans and super-humans everywhere. The story delves into themes of discrimination, religious extremism, and the delicate balance of personal freedom and security.

The series follows Greg Chambers, rookie crime fighter and a self-described second-stringer, as he investigates strange and deadly cases of super-human crime and battles some of the most dangerous criminals ever to walk the streets of 2040s Chicago. Stalking evil from the shadows, he is Bobcat!

The Astonishing Bobcat: Hero Worship

Every super’s worst nightmare has come true; a super-powered serial killer stalks the city of Chicago, drenching the streets in the blood of the innocent. When the killer claims the life of famed crime fighter Atlas, the Strongest Man in the World, Bobcat must team up with Atlas’ widowed partner, Zephyr, to hunt the murderer down. What they find will lead them to the heart of a conspiracy that threatens every super in America … and a monster that even Bobcat may be powerless to stop…

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